let (sb) down

Como se diz “decepcionar alguém, desapontar alguém, desiludir alguém” em inglês?

let sb down > to disappoint someone by failing to do what you agreed to do or were expected to do.

Pratique com as sentenças e o áudio logo abaixo:

  • I promised Jane I would meet her and I can’t let her down.
  • You will be there tomorrow – you won’t let me down, will you?
  • When I was sent to prison, I really felt I had let my parents down.
  • I don’t want to let myself down in the exam.
  • I let down all my friends by stealing.
  • My children would never let me down.
  • I’m relying on your help – please don’t let me down.
  • She had been let down badly in the past.
  • The worst feeling is having let our fans down.
  • The families of the victims feel that the justice system has let them down.
  • Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.
  • This machine won’t let you down.
  • She speaks French very fluently, but her pronunciation lets her down.
  • if I let him down now, I knew he’d never trust me again.
  • I had a daughter to support, and I couldn’t let her down.
  • I will not fail you, I will not disappoint you and I will not let you down.

Example sentences > (Waytogo and Dictionaries: Cambridge/Longman/Collins/Oxford/Merriam-Webster/Macmillan)

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