turn up

Como se diz “1. aparecer, chegar (de repente). 2. aparecer, ser encontrado (de repente). 3. aumentar (volume, calor, etc…)” em inglês?

turn up > 1. to arrive, often unexpectedly or after you have been waiting a long time. 2. to be found, especially by chance, after having been lost or searched for. 3. increase the amount of sound, heat, or power being produced, by adjusting the controls.

Pratique com as sentenças e o áudio logo abaixo:

  • 1. John turned up late at the party.
  • Come on! – You can’t just turn up and expect a meal.
  • Your friend turned up late, as usual.
  • We arranged to meet at 10:30, but she never turned up.
  • I didn’t expect him to turn up at my party as he wasn’t invited.
  • 2. Eventually, my keys turned up in a coat pocket.
  • Don’t worry about your wallet – I’m sure it’ll turn up sooner or later.
  • The papers will turn up sooner or later.
  • Don’t worry about your book — I’m sure it’ll turn up.
  • I often lose my keys but they usually turn up somewhere in the kitchen.
  • 3. Can you turn the volume up a bit?
  • Don’t turn the TV up – I’m trying to read.
  • I turned the volume up.
  • Turn the heat up high.
  • Would you mind turning the heat up?
  • He turned up the music, and people started dancing.
  • Can you turn the television up? I can’t hear it.
  • Turn the oven up to 220.
  • Can you turn up the radio, please?

Example sentences > (Dictionaries: Cambridge/Longman/Collins/Oxford/Merriam-Webster/Macmillan)

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