give up (on sb/sth)

Como se diz “1. desistir, abrir mão, 2. desistir de alguém” em inglês?

give up (on sb/sth)> 1. to stop doing something that you are trying hard to do, to stop doing or having something, 2. to stop hoping that someone will improve and stop trying to help or change them, to believe that someone is never going to arrive, get better, be found, etc.

Pratique com as sentenças e o áudio logo abaixo:

  • 1 definition
  • My mother doesn’t give up easily.
  • She didn’t give up work when she had the baby.
  • You have to give up smoking.
  • You’ll never guess the answer – do you give up?
  • After ten minutes trying to get the answer I gave up.
  • No, you’re wrong – do you give up?
  • I haven’t a clue – I give up.
  • His wife finally persuaded him to give up smoking.
  • Giving up his job was the last thing we expected him to do.
  • It was a difficult time, but we never gave up hope.
  • Decide what you want and then don’t give up until you’ve achieved it.
  • 2 definition
  • Most people gave up on him when he dropped out, but he went back and earned his degree two years later.
  • The doctors have given up on him.
  • She’d been in a coma for six months, and doctors had almost given up on her.
  • My teachers gave up on me.
  • At that point, I hadn’t completely given up on the marriage.
  • She was loyal and intelligent and she never gave up on anything.
  • Most of the teachers gave up on her years ago.
  • There you are at last! We’d given up on you.

Example sentences > (Waytogo and Dictionaries: Cambridge/Longman/Collins/Oxford/Lexico/Merriam-Webster/Macmillan)

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