bring (sth/sb) up

Como se diz “1. mencionar, trazer à tona, tocar no assunto, 2. criar, educar, 3. vomitar” em inglês?

bring (sth/sb) up > 1. to mention a subject or start to talk about it. 2. to look after a child until he or she becomes an adult. 3. to vomit.

Pratique com as sentenças e o áudio logo abaixo:

  • 1 definition
  • I hate to bring this up but you still owe me £100.
  • She’s always bringing up her health problems.
  • Why are you bringing it up now?
  • I hate to bring up business at lunch.
  • She tried repeatedly to bring up the subject of money.
  • I’ve considered bringing the matter up with my father.
  • My father does not want me to bring this matter up at all because when I do, an argument starts.
  • 2 definition
  • She brought up five children.
  • He was brought up by his aunt.
  • My aunt brought up three sons on her own.
  • My brother was brought up by his grandmother.
  • He was born in Chicago but brought up in Los Angeles.
  • Since Ashley’s death, her son has been brought up by her mother and sisters.
  • He really had only one parent bringing him up for most of his life because his mother passed away when he was 12.
  • When my parents died, my grandparents brought me up.
  • 3 definition
  • My sister brought up her lunch after she ate.
  • I almost brought up my dinner last night watching the news.
  • What my mother saw hit her hard and she brought up her lunch.

Example sentences > (Waytogo and Dictionaries: Cambridge/Longman/Collins/Oxford/Lexico/Merriam-Webster/Macmillan)

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