cave in

Como se diz “ceder, desmoronar, desabar (muro, teto, parede, etc…) ou ceder, submeter-se, mudar de ideia” em inglês?

cave in > 1. if a roof, ceiling or wall caves in, it falls down or inwards, it breaks and falls into the space below. 2. to finally do what somebody wants after you have been strongly opposing them, give in, admit defeat, change your mind.

Pratique com as sentenças e o áudio logo abaixo:

  • I heard a huge bang and thought the whole house was going to cave in.
  • The earthquake made the walls cave in.
  • Part of the roof has caved in.
  • I had a nervous breakdown, everything just seemed to cave in on top of me.
  • Because of the explosion, the roof of the building caved in, trapping several people.
  • The building’s roof caved in under the weight of the snow.
  • The ceiling suddenly caved in on top of them.
  • The roof is caving in, and bats have taken over the empty structure.
  • The roof caved in after a heavy rain.
  • We felt as if at any moment the roof would cave in on us.
  • More than 300 people were believed to be in the exhibition hall when the roof caved in.
  • My bathroom ceiling caved in last week after I had waited more than a month for repairs.
  • A five-storey building under construction caved in on Saturday.
  • 2 definition:
  • She accused the university of caving in to political pressures.
  • She finally caved in and gave the press the interview they wanted.
  • The president is unlikely to cave in to demands for a public inquiry.
  • The government caved in to their pressure.
  • She won’t cave in to his demands.
  • My parents finally caved in and got me a PS5 for my 15th birthday.
  • The top players will continue to demand more money and eventually the league will cave in to the pressure from the big clubs.

Example sentences > (Waytogo and Dictionaries: Cambridge/Longman/Collins/Oxford/Lexico/Merriam-Webster/Macmillan)

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