dear deidre | lesson 06

I really fancy my mate’s girlfriend and I think she might feel something too

WHAT THE HEART WANTS I set my mate up with a great girl…but now I fancy her.

DEAR DEIDRE: I REALLY fancy my mate’s girlfriend even though I’m the reason they got together.

I knew her from school and him from my work and they met when I had a 30th birthday party.

I really fancy my mate’s girlfriend and I think she might feel something too.

They’ve been dating for over a year now but they don’t have the best of relationships and they’re always arguing.

When we go out for a drink, she gets a bit flirty with me and there’s a weird moment where we get eye contact but then we move on.

It’s as if she likes me back but nothing happens. I’m now 31 and so is my mate, and she’s 28.

I’m single and I would love to date her.


Stand back while she’s going out with your mate, but how come you didn’t make a move while she was a free woman?

Are you sure it’s not the fact she is with your mate making her seem extra desirable?

Their relationship may naturally fizzle out and then she will be free to move on.

Your mate might not be too happy about it but you’d have to decide your priorities. Meanwhile look elsewhere.

Source: (The Sun Newspaper – Deidre Sanders – 05 Sep 2020)


  • set sb up to arrange for someone to meet someone as a possible mate.
    Tradução > juntar, arranjar/armar companhia.
  • fancy sb to be sexually attracted to someone.
    Tradução > sentir atração, gostar de alguém.
  • even though despite the fact that.
    Tradução > embora, se bem que.
  • get together start a romantic or sexual relationship.
    Tradução > reunir-se, encontrar-se, ficar juntos.
  • argue to speak angrily to someone because you disagree with them about something.
    Tradução > discutir, brigar.
  • get flirty to behave as if you are sexually attracted to someone, although not seriously.
    Tradução > ficar atrevido/arisco, dar mole, ficar com intimidade/flertando.
  • weird very strange and unusual, unexpected, or not natural.
    Tradução > estranho, esquisito, bizarro.
  • eye contact a direct look between two people.
    Tradução > contato visual, olhar nos olhos
  • move on go elsewhere, to start a new activity.
    Tradução > ir embora, começar fazer outra coisa.
  • stand back to move backwards or away.
    Tradução > recuar, afastar-se, distanciar-se.
  • how come used to ask how or why something has happened.
    Tradução > como assim? como é que pode? por quê?
  • make a move to take a decisive action intended to achieve a goal.
    Tradução > agir, avançar.
  • fizzle out to gradually stop happening, especially because people become less interested.
    Tradução > diminuir (interesse).

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