dear deidre | lesson 05

I’ve been texting a girl from another school for months now she’s not replying to me anymore

BAD MESSAGE I’ve been texting a girl from another school for months now she’s not replying anymore.

DEAR DEIDRE: I’ve been texting with a girl for six months but she’s messing me around.

We go to different schools and swapped numbers through friends.

I am a boy of 15 and she is 14. We used to text loads, often until midnight.

She felt like the person I was closest to in the world. When our schools closed we texted more than ever and she’d reply within minutes.

But now she’s changed. It takes her hours to reply and she’s stopped replying to texts in the evening and the next day says she’d fallen asleep.

Should I see this as a red flag?


Feelings are very intense when we are in our teens and relationships can flare up then burn themselves out quickly.

You and this girl don’t seem to have spent much time actually in one another’s company but texting has been a great way to work through lots of feelings and ideas.

Accept she is cooling – and maybe her life has changed in some way.

Build up contact with other friends so you’re not so reliant on her.

Source: (The Sun Newspaper – Deidre Sanders – 29 Mai 2020)


  • mess sb around treat someone disrespectfully/badly.
    Tradução > ser desrespeitoso com alguém.
  • swap to exchange one thing for another.
    Tradução > trocar.
  • loads a large number or amount.
    Tradução > bastante, muito, montão.
  • more than ever to the greatest extent so far.
    Tradução > mais do que nunca.
  • fall asleep to begin to sleep.
    Tradução > adormecer, dormir, pegar no sono. cair no sono.
  • a red flag something that indicates or draws attention to a problem, danger, or irregularity.
    Tradução > um sinal de alerta/perigo.
  • flare up erupt, develop, flame, light.
    Tradução > incendiar-se, arder, acender, entusiasmar, inflamar-se.
  • burn out to stop burning/feeling, disappear.
    Tradução > apagar-se, desaparecer, acabar.
  • work through to manage or deal with a problem that has many different parts step by step.
    Tradução > analisar, esclarecer, resolver
  • cool to become less strong, to act differently.
    Tradução > esfriar, perder o interesse.
  • build up to cause something to increase or become greater.
    Tradução > construir, criar, desenvolver, fortalecer.
  • reliant on needing a particular thing or person in order to continue, to work correctly, or to succeed.
    Tradução > dependente de.

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