dear deidre | lesson 04

My daughter is happy at my house but cries when I pick her up from her mum’s

DAD DILEMMA My daughter is happy at my house but cries when I pick her up from her mum.

DEAR DEIDRE: MY daughter is happy at my house but cries when I pick her up from her mum.

I wonder if I am doing the right thing in making her come. She is four.

I am 33 and left when she was a baby but try to help her mum, although she has been awkward since I started living with my partner and her two-year-old son.

My daughter comes for tea once a week and stays over every other weekend. She has a great time but when I collect her she says she hates coming – and my girlfriend’s son.


Don’t give up. Loving contact with you is key for her emotional development.

Kids of separated parents often find the changeover difficult even when they are happy in both homes. She might be picking up negative messages from her mum.

Make sure you have one-to-one time with her and find support through Families Need Fathers (, 0300 0300 363).

Source: (The Sun Newspaper – Deidre Sanders – 22 Mai 2020)


  • pick sb up collect in vehicle, to collect someone who is waiting for you.
    Tradução > buscar, pegar, apanhar.
  • wonder to want to know something or to try to understand the reason for something.
    Tradução > imaginar, questionar-se, querer saber, perguntar-se.
  • awkward difficult or causing problems, troublesome.
    Tradução > estranho, esquisito, complicado, difícil, problemático.
  • stay over to spend the night, to sleep at someone’s house for one night.
    Tradução > ficar aqui, dormir aqui, passar a noite aqui
  • every other alternate, each alternate as the first, third, fifth, etc.
    Tradução > alternado, (dias, finais de semana etc…)
  • have a great time to enjoy oneself, to find pleasure in a particular situation or activity.
    Tradução > se divertir muito, ter um ótimo tempo.
  • give up to stop doing something that you are trying hard to do.
    Tradução > desistir, abrir mão.
  • changeover a replacement of one system or method by another.
    Tradução > transição, mudança.
  • pick up acquire, to start a habit without intending to.
    Tradução > pegar, absorver.
  • one-to-one a discussion or activity that involves two people talking directly, usually with one teaching or giving information to the other
    Tradução > conversa privada, (um a um), tempo a sós, um tempinho.

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