dear deidre | lesson 02

I was dating a beautiful woman who emotionally blackmailed me into getting her gifts. Credit: Getty – Contributor

EXPLOITED A woman I was seeing emotionally blackmailed me into buying her expensive gadgets.

DEAR DEIDRE: I WAS seeing a woman who emotionally blackmailed me into getting her the latest mobile phone and a laptop.

She is beautiful and I felt lucky that she wanted to date me.

I am 45 and she is 30. She had lost her job and fallen on hard times, so she was very unhappy.

I offered to help her out and give her some money to buy new clothes. She was loving towards me for a month, but then she started to change.

She turned cold, demanding the phone and laptop. Once she got what she wanted, she said I was too boring and she dumped me.

I have blocked her on social media but have now lost all confidence in women.


It was a lack of confidence in your own value that led to you being vulnerable like this.

My e-leaflet, Raising Self-Esteem, will help you to develop a better self-confidence for your future relationships.

Source: (The Sun Newspaper – Deidre Sanders – 13 Mai 2020)


  • blackmail to force someone to do something by using threats or manipulating their feelings.
    Tradução > chantagear.
  • gadget a small machine or device which does something useful.
    Tradução > aparelho, dispositivo.
  • get to buy.
    Tradução > comprar.
  • date to regularly spend time with someone you have a romantic relationship with.
    Tradução > namorar, ficar com, sair com, estar juntos.
  • fall on hard times to lose your money and start to have a difficult life.
    Tradução > atravessar um momento difícil, passar por dificuldades.
  • help sb out to help someone, especially by giving them money or working for them.
    Tradução > ajudar alguém, dar uma mão.
  • towards in relation to something or someone.
    Tradução > em relação a.
  • turn cold to treat with disdain, snub.
    Tradução > tratar com frieza, ficar indiferente.
  • demand to ask for something very firmly and forcefully.
    Tradução > exigir, pedir, demandar.
  • boring not interesting or exciting.
    Tradução > chato, entediante, sem graça.
  • dump to suddenly end a romantic relationship you have been having with someone.
    Tradução > terminar, largar, dar o fora, dar um pé na bunda.
  • confidence a feeling of trust in someone or something.
    Tradução > segurança, confiança.
  • lack not having something, or not having enough of something.
    Tradução > falta de algo, carência.
  • e-leaflet > a leaflet in electronic format.
    Tradução > folheto, panfleto em formato eletrônico.
  • raise to cause something to become bigger or stronger, to increase.
    Tradução > aumentar, elevar.
  • self-esteem belief and confidence in your own ability and value.
    Tradução > autoestima, amor-próprio.
  • self-confidence the belief that you can do things well and that other people respect you.
    Tradução > autoconfiança.

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