Football in the news # 01

Aprendendo Inglês com Futebol.

The Premier League is engulfed in a defensive crisis… but here are the men to shore up the big boys’ error-prone backlines with Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea and Man United set to fight over Koulibaly, Alaba, Skriniar and Co.
Man United, Man City and Chelsea among those in need of defensive signings.
All three have been left trailing by Liverpool as a result of weakness at the back.
Inter’s Milan Skriniar and Napoli’s Kalidou Koulibaly could well be on the move.
Bayern Munich star David Alaba is almost out of contract at German champions.
Bournemouth’s Nathan Ake and Leicester’s Ben Chilwell may be poached.
RB Leipzig’s Dayot Upamecano has been linked with number of English clubs.


  • shore up If you shore up something that is weak or about to fail, you do something in order to strengthen it or support it. (reforçar, fortalecer, consolidar, sustentar, apoiar, ajudar)
  • error-prone likely to fail or make errors. (propenso a erros, suscetível a erros)
  • backline the defensive players considered as a unit. (o setor defensivo)
  • set to
  • signings
  • trailing
  • at the back
  • on the move
  • poached
  • been linked with

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