dear deidre | lesson 03

Coronavirus means I am stuck in the UK away from my family

SO ALONE I am stuck in Britain and want to leave but coronavirus means I have to stay.

DEAR DEIDRE: COVID-19 is ruining my life. I am a guy aged 19 from Brazil, studying here at university.

It’s a big deal for my family to find the money for me to study in this country and they want the best for me.

However, I’m not living my best life. My family insist I should stay here during the pandemic because it’s so bad at home.

But I’m stuck here with a host family who are kind but not my own family. I’m feeling alone and scared. I know I can’t change anything and feel so helpless.


You are voicing the feelings of so many people of all ages – and knowing that you can’t control your present, let alone your future, is very scary.

Remember the saying: “This too shall pass.” It will and, in fact, you are gaining valuable life experience by being brave and independent.

Share your feelings with your family at home and your host family too. You can find free 24/7 crisis support by texting SHOUT to 85258.

Source: (The Sun Newspaper – Deidre Sanders – 22 Mai 2020)


  • stuck in a difficult situation, or unable to change or get away from a situation.
    Tradução > preso, emperrado, empacado.
  • ruin to spoil or destroy something completely.
    Tradução > arruinar, destruir, acabar com.
  • It’s a big deal something important, a thing considered important.
    Tradução > é importante, é muito importante, é uma coisa importante.
  • however despite this.
    Tradução > contudo, entretanto, todavia
  • a host family a family which provides board and lodging to students, usually for a fee.
    Tradução > uma família anfitriã, uma família de acolhimento, uma família que hospeda um estudante em sua casa.
  • helpless unable to do anything to help yourself or anyone else.
    Tradução > indefeso, impotente, inútil, incapaz
  • voice to express your opinions or feelings about something, especially negative feelings.
    Tradução > expressar, manifestar, exprimir.
  • let alone used to emphasize that something is more impossible than another thing.
    Tradução > que dirá, quanto mais, muito menos.
  • scary frightening; causing fear.
    Tradução > assustador, alarmante, apavorante.
  • saying a sentence that people often say and that gives advice or information about human life and experience.
    Tradução > ditado popular, provérbio.
  • this too shall pass These troubles are temporary, be patient and things will work out.
    Tradução > isto também vai passar, isso irá passar.
  • brave ready to face and endure danger or pain, showing courage.
    Tradução > corajoso, valente, bravo
  • 24/7 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all the time.
    Tradução > o tempo todo, sem interrupção. (“24 horas por dia, 7 dias por semana”)

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